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Mumijo (Mumio) Reference Guide

Mumijo (Mumio) Information

Mumijo Reference Guide

Mumijo (pronounced: moo-mee-o) is a natural dark mineral substance found in rock crevices at altitudes of 2,000 - 5,000 meters, high in mountainous regions of Asia. For centuries, Mumijo has been known to possess an array of uses related to health and longevity. Specifically, Mumijo shows benefits to both the human metabolic and immune systems. 

Mumijo is a mysterious substance and there has been much debate as to its exact origins. Some believe that the substance may actually be a concentration of fossilized honey, beeswax and bees nests that have been percolating for thousands of years.

Whatever it's exact origin, there is no denying its great medical properties. Rich in silica, rare amino acids, valuable minerals and fatty acids, the "Blood of the Mountains" or "Tears of the Rocks," as it has been called in its native land, has for centuries been regarded as a National Treasure in Russia.  Mumijo was so valuable to the people of that region, its export was once illegal and it remained one of the area's greatest secrets.

There are many health benefits to be gained from taking Mumijo. Studies have shown that this non-toxic, natural substance contains more than 50 elements of animal vegetable and mineral properties vital to human survival. Many researchers argue that Mumijo is the most complicated natural medicine known to man.

Mumijo is widely accepted as having antiphlogistic, antibacterial and analgesic characteristics and it has proven effective in the treatment of:

- gastro-intestinal diseases

- liver and kidney diseases

- food poisoning

- toothaches

- allergic reactions

- symptoms of radiotherapy and chemotherapy

- burns

- influenza

- respiratory infections

- viral infections

- viral hepatitis

- tuberculosis

- and more...

In addition, Mumijo accelerates the healing of traumatic injuries and postoperative stitches. It has also been known to maintain physical and mental efficiency while promoting long life.

All of the substances found in Mumijo's natural composition are digestible and safe for regular use. It ha been shown to be non-toxic and harmless for people of any age. In Russia, it has been give to women wishing to have healthy children, as it provides the fetus with all of the elements necessary for normal human growth.

Mumijo is still regarded as one of Russia's greatest weapons against disease and it is official licensed for use in that country. However, it has yet to become widely accepted in Western Medicine.

FYI: Mumijo is also referred to as Mumio and Mountain Balsam

 Mumijo  Mumijo  Mumijo

What is Mumijo |  What is Mumio |  Why should I take Mumijo |  What are some other names for Mumijo |  Is Mumijo an Antibiotic


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